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“Small things with great love…”: Random Acts of Kindness for More Happiness

“Small things with great love…”: Random Acts of Kindness for More Happiness With mounting evidence on the power of kindness to boost well-being, health, longevity and happiness, today’s challenge focuses on doing small things to get big happiness results. How can doing small things with great love make you happier? This is the focus of today's episode of Happy & Free Podcast.

Key Takeaways

  • Broadly speaking in terms of the scientific research on kindness, kind people are healthier, live longer and are more productive, have greater success, and are happier!

  • Research shows that 'kindness interventions' (acts of kindness) boost well being and positive social emotions. The greater the number of kind acts, the greater the positive change in measures of happiness, and the more likely people were to be able to buffer the negative effects of stress.

  • What we do to help others is also helping us! Kindness is a happiness multiplier.

  • There is even evidence that kindness can change biomarkers of aging and longevity, meaning we could live longer and better just by being kind. So if we are healthier and live longer when we are kind, perhaps we are actually born to be kind?

Today’s Challenge

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Today do 'At Least Three' small things for others, i.e. three random acts of kindness. Multiple studies confirm an increase in benefits to well being with more helping behavior. One study saw this increase when it was over 2 acts of kindness. So you do at least three!

Bonus: Do your kind acts all at once and let people see you! In Lyubomirsky's research those that 'bunched' their kindness got a more meaninful change in mood and happiness, and even witnessing acts of kindness can make people happier. Give the happiness gift that keeps on giving.


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