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Look to the Horizon: Set Meaningful Goals for a Meaningful Life

Look to the Horizon: Set Meaningful Goals for a Meaningful Life

What does it mean to 'look to the horizon'? This idea can keep you steady in life by rooting you into deep meaning and purpose. Learn what kinds of goals are most conducive to happiness and how to set them today.

Key Takeaways

  • Looking to the horizon is about looking out and forward to remain steady, and is a beautiful metaphor for how we need to 'look ahead' and create meaningful goals to find purpose and happiness in life. Ironically, perhaps, looking ahead can actually help you to stay present and make you more mindful.

  • Scientific research shows that setting and working towards goals can contribute to happiness in various ways, including creating deep engagement and pleasure, providing meaning and purpose, and giving a sense of accomplishment that can build our confidence.

  • The considerable body of research on goal setting shows its connection to well-being happiness. In some ways setting and working toward a goal can even work as a bio-hack, taking advantage of dopamine, a feel good chemical that is released every time you experience a reward.

  • From research we know that for a goal to actually make you happier, you should:

  1. Set the right kind of goal, one that is deeply meaningful and not related to material pursuits.

  2. Frame your goal positively, focusing on what you want to bring into your life rather than what you want to avoid. This will make you more likely to strive toward it.

  3. Think about the process, not the end point. Striving for goals...and finding and meeting small milestones along the way...is perhaps even more important for happiness.

Today’s Challenge

WOOP Your Life

Begin with a goal, setting a deeply meaningful goal you would like to achieve. Now use the WOOP method, one with over 20 years of research behind its efficacy, to set and pursue a goal. This incredible method is backed by science, is clearly laid out and easily accessible, and will help you achieve your goal and get happier along the way.


WOOP Method and Science for Successful Goalsetting woopmylife.org

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