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Let It Go: How to KonMari the Mind of Mental Clutter

Let It Go: How to KonMari the Mind of Mental Clutter

In today's episode we focus on letting go of the toxic thoughts that invade the mind, distract us, steal our energy, and leave us feeling powerless. Learn to KonMari the mind, using the strategy of 'decluttering' the thoughts to make space for positivity and regain power and control over our lives and our happiness.

Key Takeaways

  • Clearing the physical space can have a profound effect on happiness.

  • Just as you can de-clutter the physical things from your space to create more ease, time and joy, you can work to de-clutter your mental space.

  • A thought left unchecked can have power over us, and we may begin to believe that they are true. Developing an awareness of the thoughts, sometimes called becoming the 'observer' of the mind, is a powerful way to begin the process of regaining our power and making the thought powerless.

  • Remember happiness is a process and a practice...letting go of thoughts is one of the hardest challenges yet!

Today’s Challenge

KonMari the Mental Clutter From the Mind! Begin with the question that Kondo has now made famous in American culture:

  1. Does this bring you joy? This puts you into the observer mode and allows you to begin to see the thought as something separate from you.

  2. Let the thought go. Okay, okay. I know this is not easy (remember the quote from the podcast..claw marks!?!). Practice visualizing other thoughts and letting them go, then visualize this one and "ma" it (borrowing from the concept I elaborate on in the podcast)! Create space for possibility and positivity.

  3. Replace the thought with something positive. Create a positive thought that you conciously insert into the space where the negative thought once was. Come back to it every time you need it. And if experience is any guide, you will need it!

This is so challenging, but in clearing your mental clutter you can begin to regain control of your thoughts and increase your happiness.


Ellen and Ellie Get Organized with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondō, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

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