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Happy+Free FB Live with Self-Love Expert Melanie Monaco

Are you a woman who wants *more*? More time, energy, love...and more from your one wild and precious life?


Self-love is one of the best gifts you can give yourself...and key to a beautiful life full of happiness. Yet you might struggle with your body image, with feeling like you are not enough…maybe even like you are broken.


Join Lea and Melanie Monaco, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga + Fitness Instructor, and Self-Love Expert, as they talk about how to fall in love with yourself so you can create a balanced and healthy life that you deeply love.


Let's talk self love transformation! If you are catching the replly, tell us where you are from and something amazing about yourself.


And if you want to start doing the work to transform your relationship with yourself today, we have some Valentine's Day presents for you!

💗I have a free self-love workbook for you! 'Fall in Love: Love yourself fiercely, end body negativity and connect to your authentic self.' You can download the freebie at bit.ly/self-loveworkbook.

💗Melanie has generously offered something really special for my amazing good vibe community: *Free* Self-Love Transformation Sessions!. You can find more information and book at https://www.MelanieMonaco.com/selflove. These sessions offer an individualized, step-by-step approach to discovering and utilizing more self-love for any transformational goal. Amazing, right?


And if you want to connect with Melanie on social, she's TheSelfLoveLifestyle:

Instagram - @TheSelfLoveLifestyle

Facebook - Facebook.com/TheSelfLoveLifestyle

As always, find me here and on IG @happy.happy.free. Thanks gorgeous, we really appreciate you!


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