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Create Cozi and Get Happy: How Hygge Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

Create Cozi and Get Happy: How Hygge Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Hygge, the Danish concept roughly translated as ‘coziness’ is often touted as the way to beat Winter. It is also an excellent lesson in how to get happy for go go go Americans, presenting an opportunity to slow down and maybe even take a moment to exhale.

Key Takeaways

  • Hygge is the Danish concept of getting cozy, often enacted by lighting candles, having good food and drink, and connecting with family and friends in an intimate setting.

  • Hygge is a powerful happiness builder because it draws on several things that each independently can boost happiness: 1) safely and security, 2) nurturing connections and relationships, and 3) ritual

Today’s Challenge

Create a Hygge night in. Get cozy, light some candles or maybe a fire, have some yummy food and drinks, invite over family and friends.

  • Keep the gathering inimate, work on creating deeper connections.

  • Keep the environment warm... this means no blue light. Put screens away as much as possible.

  • Rather than looking at something (like a TV), look at someone. Play a game or have a conversation.

Happy Hygge!


Dan Buettner, "Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way"

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