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Acceptance: “One blink of an eye away from being fully awake”

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Today’s show focuses on acceptance to help us wake up to the present moment, and to see what actual IS. The philosophical concept from the Yoga Sutras that addresses this is ‘santosha’—and underlying this concept is the idea that constant desire for something to be other than what it is lies at the root of all pain, stress, and suffering. Instead, we will use a simple and effective tool as today’s challenge to invite acceptance of our present circumstances, and awaken to our own innate goodness.

Key Takeaways

  • Concept of Santosha or contentment, from Sanskrit “sam”-completely, or entirely, and “tosha”-acceptance, satisfaction. Philosophically the concept of santosha helps us to see the root of suffering is a lack of acceptance. When we move toward acceptance we move closer to happiness.

  • Idea echoed by Eckhart Tolle “You can’t argue with what is. Well, you can, but if you do, you suffer.”

  • Yet rather than accept ourselves and our lives for what they are, we are often stuck in a prison of our own making with regret for past and fear of the future.

  • “Negativity Bias”—a well studied concept that helps explain why we tend to focus on the negative, and give it more weight in our stories about ourselves (even when it may not be true, or certainly not as true as we believe it to be!).

Today’s Challenge

Invitation to become fully awake! The Inspiration for this challenge comes from a quote by Pema Chodron:

“We already have everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips that we lay on ourselves—the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and the addictions of all kinds—never touch our basic wealth. They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake.”

Santosha/Acceptance asks us to BE FULLY AWAKE—to awaken to our goodness and accept ourselves as we are without judgment.

1. Invitation to your goodness: Write yourself an invitation to see yourself as you are, and to accept yourself in this moment. Ask yourself: What is your goodness? What is a truth about yourself that you need to hear, and that will help you move toward acceptance?

2. Seal the invitation and mail it! For real mail it…as in a stamp and mail carrier!

3. Receive your invitation: As important as actually writing the invitation is, receiving it equally as important! This says you are open to what you say to yourself, and ready for acceptance.


Pema Chodron, Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living

Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali

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