nerdy academic + soulful yogi =  happy & free

So you know you want more from this one wild and precious life, right? Well, you are in right place gorgeous!


Hi! I'm Lea, digital course creator, founder of the Shine Community, and owner of Happy + Free. And I’m serious about happiness.


 I help women who long for more joy, meaning, and connection get back to a life they truly love. My unique approach combines science and soul—I’m an academic who studies happiness, and a soulful yogi who deeply understands the mind-body connection. This holistic approach helps women who want more from life—maybe even feel stuck or broken—to uncover their purpose, connect to their authentic self, and truly shine. 


 A little about me: If you don’t find me soaking up sunshine at the beach, I’m probably drinking chai while working at my home office, with hug breaks from my hunky hubby or 6 year old long-haired sweet boy. I’m a southern girl who globetrotted in my formative years with an Air Force dad. So I’m kinda obsessed with well—everything about culture. But remember I said I’m also a big nerd? I am trained as a medical anthropologist, and have spent most of my professional career studying and teaching about the body, health, well-being and happiness in a cross-cultural perspective. Along the way I also fell in love with the transformative power of yoga, became a teacher, and bought a yoga studio. 


Now I’ve taken my passion for education and made it digital! Happy + Free is where I can use all my knowledge to help amazing people build happier,

 healthier lives with less stress and more joy!


I would consider it an honor to go on a journey of transformation with you. Let's connect on social media so I can learn more about you today.

Want to work with me? Sign up for my signature course Shine: The Science + Soul of Happiness, or contact me if you are interested in working one on one.

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